Personal and how i started cycling

First of all let me introduce myself


Name: Moran Vermeulen

Date of birth: 14.06.1997

Hometown: Ramsau am Dachstein

Nation: Austria

Hobby's: sport in general, hiking and traveling


Heigth: 187 cm

Weigth: 64 kg


Currently i'm cycling for Team Tirol Cycling and i'm a student at the HAK-Aufbaulehrgang Schladming were i'm making my high shool degree.



Before i've started cycling on a professional way i did a lot of other sports professional. I've raced in a various of sports like skijumping, alpine skiing, running, biathlon and most of the time cross country skiing.

Beside of all the training i also participated in various mtb marathons and did a lot of road cycling as training.

Out of no particular reason i was just much better at cycling than at cross country skiing, everybody who went cycling with me said that i should concentrate on cycling because the way i sit on my bike is something special.


Altough i've done a lot of different sports i've never really found something what i like and/or what feels right to do.

But after my first cycling race that changed, i just knew that cycling is my destiny when i crossed that finish line.

I not only knew that i want to become a cyclist but i also wanted to give my absolute best to become the worlds best cyclist in the future.